Orgy's Video: A Huge Success

artist: Orgy date: 10/08/2004 category: general music news
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According to, is reporting that Orgy's new music video for "Vague" has been a smashing success. "Vague" is currently #1 on the charts for rock/alternative music videos, according to CVC reports. "Vague" was directed by 1171 Production Group's Michael Sarna, who has worked with artists such as Smashmouth, Counting Crows, Anthrax, Blink-182, and 50 Cent. Sarna helped create an intense atmosphere that complements the band's powerful ? if somewhat unsettling ? lyrics and tone. Alex Moon produced the video, and the executive producer was Grant Cihlar. "Vague" reportedly expresses feelings of despondency clearly and succinctly, and the video exudes a sense of urgency and edgy stylized chaos. Overall, it "effortlessly captures the essence of heavy metal while providing it with fresh and striking visuals, which are anything but vague," according to a posting on 1171 Production Group's web site. Watch Orgy's video for "Vague" at
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