Peavey Electronics Announce That Budda Budwah Is Now Shipping To Europe

artist: Peavey date: 07/01/2010 category: general music news
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Peavey Electronics Announce That Budda Budwah Is Now Shipping To Europe
The Budwah is Budda's first foray into the world of pedals, and Peavey Electronics is delighted to announce that it is now shipping into Europe. Featuring the stunning boutique build and outstanding sound quality of the amplifier range, the Budwah is one of the most sought-after wah-wah pedals ever made. Combining striking looks with a solid, robust feel, the Budwah has a distinct powerful tone with a musical sweep which will complement the lead playing of any genre. In the words of Peredur Ap Gwynedd of Pendulum, "Quite simply the best there is. A Wah-Wah with go-faster stripes!" The key ingredient in the Budwah is the custom wound inductor. This is based on an old-school Fasel inductor that is the secret to the unmistakable tone, and gives the pedal a sweet vocal quality that other companies have tried and failed to get. Along with this the Budwah is incredibly forgiving and easy to control due to its tight and focused frequency sweep. When the heel is down there is still note clarity and the guitar will be heard over the band, when the toe is down the hi-end is smooth and controlled. With an RRP of 179 Budwah is the sound your feet have been looking for.
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