Phil Anselmo Says There Can Be No Pantera Without Dimebag

artist: pantera date: 09/10/2010 category: general music news
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Phil Anselmo Says There Can Be No Pantera Without Dimebag
Former Pantera and current Down singer Philip Anselmo tells that his collaboration with fellow surviving Pantera members Vinnie Paul Abbott (drums) and Rex Brown (bass), along with the estate of the late guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, to work together on Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell" reissue is unlikely to lead to any new original music from the former bandmates. "I would not want to tarnish the Pantera name," Anselmo says, according to "Vinnie himself said a long time ago that if you take any one of us out of the equation and it's just not Pantera anymore, so I guess I'm just gonna stick to that. And as far as Vinnie and I go, there's a big bridge that both of us would have to cross, and that's an entire subject on its own, before we could even consider making music together." Regarding the upcoming 20th-anniversary reissue of "Cowboys From Hell" which is coming September 14 in a three-disc deluxe edition that includes one unreleased song, "The Will To Survive" Anselmo tells, "It had definitely been a long while since I sat down and listened to 'Cowboys From Hell' from front to back. Basically it was trickier where I thought things might be simplified. We would build these massive intros into songs, and the solo sections, the way they were written was just very, very, very clever. And I can see very clearly how we upped the production. It's been quite an experience." Read more from
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