Phil Anselmo Talks Playing Metal: 'This Isn't Rocket Science'

artist: Phil Anselmo date: 01/13/2014 category: general music news
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Phil Anselmo Talks Playing Metal: 'This Isn't Rocket Science'
Discussing his busy 2014 schedule, Phil Anselmo focused on the changes of his touring and performing habits. Despite confessing major adjustments, the singer still noted it's hardly "rocket science" he's talking about.

"All this comes with age and experience, for God's sake," he told Riverfront Times about "toning down" his lifestyle. "It's the nature of the beast, man, so you just gotta roll with it."

Phil continued, "I just want to put these records out, especially the new Down record, I want to tour that sucker. I want to tour parts of the world with the Illegals that we have not covered yet; cities throughout America that we passed over."

While on the topic of touring, the vocalist added: "The worst part about touring for me is gettin' there; the traveling part. So I'm going to try to chill out, relax, take the trip, not stress out on that, and just get to the gigs, perform to the best of my ability and have f--king fun with it, man. Because this is not rocket science. This is something I've done since my teens. Once I'm there at gigs, no matter what it is, man, I have a f--king blast. So I'm really just going to concentrate on having f--king fun this year."

Discussing Down's upcoming EP, Anselmo commented: "With this new EP, man, all I can think of is Black Sabbath and the other bands aside from them that are really responsible for Down even existing, which are these early '80s bands that were influenced by Black Sabbath - Witchfinder General and St. Vitus. So, that's the vibe I'm catching: a very old metal vibe with this new Down."

Down have recently announced the competition of the new EP, along with a tentative early 2014 release date.
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