Pixies Release New Song

artist: pixies date: 06/15/2004 category: general music news
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Pixies have written and recorded their first new song for thirteen years, and will release it tonight through the Internet. 'Bam Thwok' - the first new Pixies song in 13 years has gone on sale for 99 cents. It's written by bassist Kim Deal, who says it's based on a art book she found on a city street while on tour some years ago. She said: "From the handwriting, you could tell that this book must have belonged to a little kid. This kid had written a short story, a paragraph really, about a party that took place in another universe, about people and monsters that were partying together. That's what provided the inspiration for the lyrics." The chorus features the lyrics: 'Love. Bang. Crash. Wakka, Wakka, Bam Thwok'. Deal added: "It's a song about loving everyone... showing goodwill to everyone." A carousel-esque organ solo also features in the track, which was performed and recorded by guitarist Joey Santiago's father-in-law many years ago, when he was doing missionary work in the Philippines. 'Bam Thwok' was arranged and rehearsed at Santiago's home studio. Singer Frank Black said: "Recording it was a nice way for us to break the ice after twelve years. The recording process was very relaxed and it didn't feel like twelve years had passed." Pixies are currently touring Europe, and return to the UK for the T In The Park festival on July 11 and the V Festival over the weekend of August 21/22. Thanks to NME.
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