Prince Turned Down Guitar Hero Deal

artist: prince date: 05/05/2009 category: general music news
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Prince has said he turned down a deal to put his songs in Guitar Hero. Activision's already signed up the likes of Aerosmith, Metallica and Van Halen for the series - but the man from Del Minneapolis, he say no. "I ain't mad at them," he told The Tavis Smiley show, as reported by Gamespot. "I hear it made, like, USD 2 billion and they came to us and offered us a very small portion of that." Too small, it turns out. "I just think it's more important that kids learn how to actually play the guitar," Prince said. "It's a tough instrument - it's not easy. It took me a long time, and it was frustrating at first. And you just have to stick with it, and it's cool for people who don't have time to learn the chords or ain't interested in it. But to play music is one of the greatest things." The other greatest things being purple rain and raspberry berets, presumably. Thanks for the report to
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