Queensryche Officially Fire Geoff Tate

artist: queensryche date: 06/21/2012 category: general music news
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Queensryche Officially Fire Geoff Tate
Queensryche have officially parted ways with singer Geoff Tate, and have replaced him with Crimson Glory singer Todd La Torre. The band say that creative difference forced them apart, but are positive about their future: "We want our fans to know that we hoped to find a common resolution, but in the end parting ways with Geoff was the best way for everyone to move forward in a positive direction," said drummer Scott Rockenfield. "We wish him the best of luck with all of his future endeavors. We can't wait to bring Queensryche to our fans with Todd behind the microphone." For now, official Queensryche performances are on hold until further notice. Reports over recent months suggest that it was more than just creative difference which led to his departure. Henne Music report on an alleged incident in Sao Paulo in Brazil where Tate is said to have threatened Rockenfield with a knife after overhearing the band talk about firing him. He is also alleged to have punched guitarist Michael Wilton to the floor. Only two weeks ago, the remaining members had announced a set of live shows with La Torre as Rising West, which played rare and classic hits from early Queensryche albums. Photo credit: Mike Savoia
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