Randy Blythe Speaks From Prison

artist: Lamb of God date: 07/17/2012 category: general music news
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Randy Blythe Speaks From Prison
Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has spoken in public for the first time since his arrest in the Czech Republic. Blythe was detained by police in Prague in late June while the band toured the country, and faces charges of manslaughter after a fan sustained a fatal injury at one of their shows. Police are investigating whether Blythe caused the injury by allegedly pushing the fan into the crowd. Blythe remembers little about the show other than the stage being very small: "I don't know anything about any sort of incident [that allegedly took place during the concert]," he said. "Since I don't wear my glasses while performing, I see little more than blurry outlines. In any case, I did not attack anyone. The only way I could have come into contact with anyone from the audience was if I was protecting myself from [people bumping into me when climbing on the stage]." Despite posting $200,000 bail almost two weeks ago, Randy is yet to be freed. In the meanwhile, he's finding some unusual ways to keep busy while in jail: "I read, I write letters to friends, family, and I also keep a diary," he said. "I get along very well with [my cellmate], and I am even trying to learn a bit of Mongolian. I'm starting to write a book about my time in the Pankrc prison and come up with lyrical ideas." Authorities will soon decide whether they will release him on bail, but may keep him locked up if they decide he is a flight risk. But that doesn't stop him dreaming about what to do with his freedom: "If I go back to the U.S., I will mow the lawn, spend some time with family and plunge right back into performing, so that I can pay for my legal fees. I have to help my friends earn some money so that we can live decently. If I had to stay in the Czech Republic, I would look at the sights, especially in Prague. I would follow Kafkas footprints and I would eat dumplings. "My meeting with my gorgeous wife was beautiful and encouraging. I have received messages and support from family, my friends and my bandmates, who all missing me, and I cannot wait to see them all." Blythe's bail hearing is set for Thursday July 19.
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