Rap Metal Is Back, And It's Good, Journalist Claims

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Rap Metal Is Back, And It's Good, Journalist Claims
With rap metal making a bit of a comeback these years, prominent music blogĀ Village Voice has voiced in on the matter, noting that the new scene is rich with quality artists.

Initially bashing the genre, journalist Corey Deiterman dubbed the '90s rap metal "a serious low point."

However, the report further claims that the new scene is actually producing top-notch material, singling out such younger artists as Suicide Silence, Whitechapel and Emmure.

"Of course, '90s rap-metal was terrible. Even those who hand in inventing it, like Mike Patton of Faith No More, came out strongly against it; he famously once said, 'don't blame me for that s--t,'" the report reads.

"As bands copied the idea, not just collaborating with rappers but making it a vital part of their sound as rappers and DJs became full-fledged members, it became increasingly trite and awful. You may feel nostalgic for Linkin Park, but go listen to 'Hybrid Theory' again. It was s--t. Search your feelings; you know it to be true," the journalist further explains.

Noting how "bizarre" it is that the new bands are succeeding in creating quality music, the report singles out Devastator as an example of the genre "finally being exploited properly."

Briefly praising Emmure, the author stresses that not all new rap metal is good, sharing Falling in Reverse as an example of "pure trash."

"As long as it continues to be done with tact, like the way Hacktivist or Emmure are doing it, and remains largely removed from the awful cliches Falling in Reverse are attempting to trade in, it should be a welcome addition to the genre. If nothing else, it lends variety to a style of metal that has increasingly become mired by copycat bands and devoid of true originality," the article concludes.

Is the new rap metal scene superior to its originators? Let us know in the comments.
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