Richie Sambora Furious Over Jon Bon Jovi's Recent Comments, Band Future Now Uncertain

artist: bon jovi date: 06/12/2013 category: general music news
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Richie Sambora Furious Over Jon Bon Jovi's Recent Comments, Band Future Now Uncertain
Bon Jovi axeman Richie Sambora is reportedly fuming with anger after singer Jon Bon Jovi's recent statement suggesting he is replaceable, unlike U2 guitarist the Edge. Back in late May, the singer told the Evening Standard: "Life goes on, so if someone chooses not to be here ... unlike if this were, God forbid, the Edge, and he for some reason couldn't make a U2 show, [then] it would be very difficult to just step in." And now, according to Radar Online, Sambora is so insulted with such comments that he even sent an email to Jon saying nothing but "Hire the Edge." "Richie was so p-ssed off and insulted with the Edge comment that he couldn't bite his tongue any longer," says the unnamed source. "He sent Jon an email, but Jon did not respond. Jon hasn't called Richie once since this all began. It would seem that he does not want the band back together, despite what he told Ellen DeGeneres. The source concluded the story with the worst possible predictions, saying, "There are genuine fears this is the end of Bon Jovi. It seems Jon won't budge. Sambora left Bon Jovi in early April due to "personal issues." The singer initially reassured everyone that the guitarist is still a part the band, but recently admitted that "it's getting more and more difficult every day to not just sit here and say something." The guitarist then replied by saying that the vocalist "needs to stop talking publicly" about him. "My opinion is Jon wants to see if he can pull off stadiums by himself. He's making it very difficult for me to come back," Sambora told the Daily Mail. "I am fine, working very hard on my fashion company, and this is a private matter. I don't have any major problems in my life right now."
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