Satch: 'Artists Are Forced to Make Music in Reverse'

artist: joe satriani date: 10/01/2013 category: general music news
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Satch: 'Artists Are Forced to Make Music in Reverse'
In a new interview, Joe Satriani has stated that artists need more time to play their music live before they get down to record it.

Speaking about his 1986 signature tune Satch Boogie, the guitarist notes that the song has improved through live playing.

"When I hit the stage playing Satch Boogie I'm still working on it and finding new ways to make it better."

As Classic Rock notes, the guitarist would rather tour a song for 15 years before recording it.

"You write a song and you may wind up recording it in about a week, and putting it on an album. Your audience feels that’s the definitive version - but really it's your first attempt at coming to grips with what you've written.

"I think a better process would be to write a song then go on tour for 15 years to figure out exactly what you've written. But such is the world; we do things backwards like that."

What do you think? Is Satch right about letting songs develop over time? Would you be happy to hear the guitarist play a set of songs that you hadn’t heard on record? Let us know in the comments.

Photo is the courtesy of Liz Aiken.
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