Sebastian Bach Offers Evidence of Motley Crue Rehearsal

artist: Sebastian Bach date: 09/17/2013 category: general music news
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Sebastian Bach Offers Evidence of Motley Crue Rehearsal
As HenneMusic reports, Sebastian Bach has responded to Nikki Sixx's claim that he was lying about having been asked to join Motley Crue. Bach recently stated on twitter that he had been asked to join the LA rock band after the departure of singer Vince Neil, a claim which Sixx refuted. However, Bach has posted a vintage Headbanger's Ball interview with Sixx in which the bassist does appear to confirm that the singer had been rehearsing with the band: "We said we owed it to ourselves to at least see what it felt like [to have a different singer]... At times when Vince was out of town or off doing whatever he was into doing, Sebastian Bach would come down and hang out with us. And we'd be rehearsing. We need a singer to rehearse. So he'd sing. Steve Perry from Journey came down one time just to hang out and meet everybody. And he was singing. So we kind of had a feeling what it would be like to have a different singer. And we said, the least we could do is try it on for size before we, you know, end it. And we met John [Corabi] and it was magic."
Stoking the fires of the controversy, Bach recently took to the stage with the band Sin City Sinners to deliver a cover of the Motley Crue classic Live Wire:
Recently, Bach alleged that his recollection of the rehearsal was so good that he could "remember everything about that day... including what kind of sandwich Tommy Lee had for lunch."
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