Serj Tankian Talks SOAD, Next Solo Album

artist: system of a down date: 08/20/2008 category: general music news
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System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian tells that there are currently no plans for him to reunite with his SOAD bandmates and work on new music. Tankian, who released his solo debut, "Elect The Dead", last October, says the timing just made sense to take an indefinite breather. "You shouldn't have to wait until people are not buying your records or your tickets for you to stop, I think that's ridiculous," he tells "So I think you should do it when it's the right time, when it makes sense artistically and personally. It's a hiatus, we're all friends, the door's open. We haven't decided what the future contains, whether it contains System or not, and that's fine." Regarding his plans for the follow-up to "Elect The Dead", he says, "I'm structuring the next record kind of like a jazz orchestral. I've got a full orchestra interested, so I want this giant electric guitar in the air to be played by a full orchestra. I want the orchestra to be the electric guitar. I want to make an orchestra do what it's never done before, like a GG Allin type orchestra. Think of that."
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