Staind Singer Attacks Concertgoers for 'Molesting' Girl in Crowd: 'Your Mothers Should Be Ashamed, Pieces of Sh-t!'

artist: Staind date: 06/04/2014 category: general music news
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Staind Singer Attacks Concertgoers for 'Molesting' Girl in Crowd: 'Your Mothers Should Be Ashamed, Pieces of Sh-t!'
Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has severely berated a group of concertgoers at this year's Rockfest in Kansas City for allegedly "molesting" a crowd-surfing girl.

During the May 31 show, the singer has abruptly stopped the group's performance of "Something to Remind You" to address the "f--king a-sholes" in the audience.

"Alright, listen up, you f--king a-sholes - that f--king girl right there is, like, 15 f--king years old and you f--king pieces of sh-t are molesting her while she's on the f--king crowd!" Aaron shouted.

Nearly calling for a public lynch, the frontman added, "Your f--king mothers should be ashamed of themselves, you pieces of sh-t! You should all be f--king beaten down by everyone around you for being f--king pieces of sh-t. If I f--king see that sh-t again, I swear to God, I will point you out in the crowd and have everyone around you beat your f--king a-s."

The event itself, which included performances of Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, Steel Panther and more, went on without much incidents. "It has been a pretty well-behaved crowd," executive producer Joe Litvag told the Kansas City Star. "But when you have more than 50,000 people - well, there were a few alcohol-related incidents. But nothing unusual."

Check out the video of the entire incident below.

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