Steven Tyler: 'I Warned Guns N' Roses About Drugs'

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Steven Tyler: 'I Warned Guns N' Roses About Drugs'
Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler recently remembered the wild '90s days and the experience of touring with Guns N' Roses.

Chatting with Contact Music, Tyler recalled drug issues everyone was going through and the warning he gave to GN'R guys.

"I actually got them all together and said, 'If you guys whip something out in the dressing room, I'm gonna wanna use it - and if I do, you're off the tour,'" the singer said. "It went like that for a minute and then, of course, you can't stop anything."

Interestingly enough, Aerosmith will soon hit the road with a classic GN'R representative - Slash. The North American trek is set to kick off on July 10 in Wantagh, New York and stretch through September. Check out the full itinerary here.
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