Surviving Beatles Confirm Reunion Show

artist: beatles date: 01/22/2014 category: general music news
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Surviving Beatles Confirm Reunion Show
Surviving the Beatles members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have officially confirmed a partial reunion of the iconic act, marking 50 years of the band's first New York landing back in February 1964.

Despite the initial rumors of a reunion taking place at this year's Grammy Awards ceremony, the concert has been scheduled for January 27 as a part of "The Night That Changed America: A Grammys Salute to the Beatles" event.

AsĀ Hollywood Access reports, the special will air on CBS on February 9, marking yet another anniversary - 50 years of the Beatles' legendary Ed Sullivan Show performance.

"To celebrate the 50 years since we landed in New York in February [1964], they are putting on a big show on Monday and we will be doing it there," Starr commented after receiving Lifetime of Peace & Love Award by the David Lynch Foundation in Los Angeles.

As for the Grammys 2014, both McCartney and Starr will perform, but separately. The ceremony is scheduled to take place on January 26 at Los Angeles Staples Center.
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