Ted Nugent: 'Americans Will Go Down in History as the Dumbest Society in the History of Humankind'

artist: Ted Nugent date: 10/17/2013 category: general music news
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Ted Nugent: 'Americans Will Go Down in History as the Dumbest Society in the History of Humankind'
Ted Nugent recently took a massive jab at the US government and President Barrack Obama, saying that their behavior will cause the Americans to go down in history as "unappreciative and dumb."

"The government is so out of control," Motor City Madman told the Huffington Post. "It is so bloated and infested with fraud and deceit and corruption and abuse of power. The American government today will go down and the American people, it breaks my heart to say ... will go down as the dumbest, most unappreciative society in the history of humankind." Nugent then focused on President Obama, calling him a "monster in the White House" who "wouldn't qualify to drive my tour bus." The rant came as the guitarist's reaction to recent government shutdown. When it comes to music, Nugent discussed his upcoming "Ultralive Ballisticrock" live record. Scheduled for an October 22 release, the album features a show recorded back in August 2011 and some of the Nuge's staple hits. "When I'm onstage, it really is out of body - it really is untouchable," he said. "That Motor City throttle is purely driven and conveyed via the music. Time stands still - just at extreme velocity."
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