Ted Nugent: 'I Don't Write New Music, I Unleash It'

artist: ted nugent date: 07/09/2013 category: general music news
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Ted Nugent: 'I Don't Write New Music, I Unleash It'
Infamous axeman Ted Nugent recently gave another interview to further establish his Motor City Madman reputation, discussing the current state of affairs in his musical career, as well as some of the future plans. During a chat with the Guitar World, Nugent initially focused on his current tour, saying that it brings the fans nothing gut "unrepentant brutality from a gang of murderous rhythm & blues maniacs" creating "the most intense, ferocious and tightest R&B&R&R anywhere anytime." "My guys are so good, it's stupid," the guitarist said. "We are the last of James Brown's illegitimate mongrels and damn proud of it. If I wasn't me, I'd definitely go see me." Uncle Ted then switched to future plans. When asked about the lack of fresh albums and the fact that his latest studio effort, 2007's "Love Grenade," dropped almost six years ago, the axeman confirmed the group's plans for an early 2014 new record release. It was already reported that the Nuge is set to hit the studio back in March, so it looks like everything is going according to plan. "I don't necessarily 'write' new music as much as I unleash it," he said. "I jam on any one of my amazing guitars every day, and wonderfully adventurous patterns come forth that are as fresh and raw and primal and fun as any from my youth. I am a very, very lucky guitar player. So yes! I have a wad of killer new songs we can't wait to capture and record ASAP, we hope in early 2014." Nugent was also asked on whether he ever gets tired of playing "Cat Scratch Fever," one of his staple hit numbers. As expected, it would seem there is no such thing as rocking too much for Mr. Nuge. "I never, ever get tired of unleashing my masterpieces," the guitarist immodestly said. "My band will tell you there simply are no other songs that are as much fun as mine to rock out. Being so very wise to totally escape the sonic bombast of my killer music for extended hunting seasons each year forever, my soul and ears are virtually cleansed of the outrage, so when its time to tour each summer, I literally cannot wait to play these amazing songs." Interestingly enough, the interview even reached the subject of a potential Damn Yankees reunion, with Nugent being very open for such an idea. "I hope to hell we can!," he said. "Killer guys, killer band, killer songs, killer music, killer fun! Those guys deserve me." The latest Ted Nugent studio effort, "Love Grenade," saw its release back in September 2007, marking thirteenth record in the Nuge catalogue. After selling 3,600 copies during the first week in the US, it debuted at No. 186 on the Billboard 200 chart.
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