The Academy Is Break Up

artist: the academy is date: 10/11/2011 category: general music news
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The Academy Is Break Up
Chicago emo outfit The Academy Is... have decided to call it quits after an eight-year career that produced three albums. The quintet made the announcement on their official website, claiming they "have decided to go our separate ways." "While we have never managed to make things easy on ourselves, it is safe to say that we have always found common ground in our love of music," the announcement explained. "And though we may not be together, you can look forward to hearing new music from each of us." Frontman William Beckett further detailed the breakup on his blog saying that their Terminal 5 in New York last September would be their last. "While this is the end of 8 unforgettable years of TAI, this is not the end of my story," he reiterated. "Not by a long shot." Watch The Academy Is... video for "We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands":
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