The Beatles' Guru Dies

artist: beatles date: 02/06/2008 category: general music news
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The Beatles' famed guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, died February 5. He was thought to be 91. The yogi, who was born Mahesh Prasad Varma in India, died at his home in the Dutch town of Vlodrop, apparently of natural causes. "He died peacefully at about 7 p.m.," a spokesman for the Transcendental Meditation movement told the Associated Press. Maharishi is best known for teaching The Beatles transcendental meditation and introducing the practice to the west. It was originally viewed with scepticism but eventually gained worldwide acceptance. The Beatles helped further his teachings by touting the benefits of meditation after visiting his ashram in India in 1968, but they had a notorious falling-out with him after they were discovered doing drugs at his retreat. Maharishi also counted The Rolling Stones and actor Clint Eastwood among his pupils. After more than 50 years of teaching mediation and working toward world peace through mediation, Maharishi reportedly announced his retirement last month, saying, "My work is done." Credits for the info to
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