The Killers' Brandon Flowers On Mitt Romney

artist: killers date: 09/11/2012 category: general music news
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The Killers' Brandon Flowers On Mitt Romney
The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers says his band won't take sides with anyone in the forthcoming US presidential election, despite meeting with fellow Mormon and Republican candidate Mitt Romney last year. "We've always been neutral, so we just kinda stay out of it," Flowers told the Independent. "None of us is planning any rallies for anybody." Did Romney contact him because of their shared Mormon faith? "Yeah, I'm sure," said Flowers. "I'm sure he's met with a few different people. But I think that's something that definitely made it a little bit easier to reach out to me." He reveals little about their meeting, and says his vote won't be biased on their shared belief: "I don't think you shouldn't vote for him because of his religion. If you're gonna vote for somebody, you should learn about what their views are on things, and pick the guy that you identify with and believe in the most." What does he think the next government could improve on? "My biggest issue is, I wish we took better care of our [war] veterans. I don't understand why we don't." Meanwhile, Flowers recently had surgery on his left shoulder. "It's pinched a nerve, and so they go in and they saw it straight the doctor went in three different places, with a little camera and everything... It's worse now than it was before."
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