Tom Araya: 'The Magic Of Slayer Is Slayer Itself'

artist: Slayer date: 10/01/2012 category: general music news
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Tom Araya: 'The Magic Of Slayer Is Slayer Itself'
Slayer bassist/vocalist Tom Araya was interviewed by Debarun Borthakur of Seven Sisters Post ahead of the band's October appearance at the Rock 'N India festival in Bangalore [via Blabbermouth]. On being accused of being Nazi sympathisers, Satanic preachers and even racists because of their lyrics: Araya: "Man is pretty evil. Nazism and Satanism reflect Man's dark nature and extreme religious beliefs, good and evil. Kerry [King, guitar] writes all the anti-religious songs. He considers himself an atheist. But Slayer as a band does not preach". On how even age has failed to mellow down one of the four most influential heavy metal bands of all time: Araya: "We have maintained our signature intensity, which is the heavy and fast. Age, huh? Slayer has lived up to its signature intense music and crazy lyrics for the last 30 years with every new album that we come out with". On Slayer's expectations for the India concert: Araya: "We hear that there are a lot of metal fans out here, particularly Slayer [fans]. We are excited about it. This is the first live Slayer experience for our fans in India. We are expecting to see a great crowd singing and shouting along with us". "The magic of Slayer is Slayer itself. We will play pure music with great sound and lights. No gimmicks, no acts. Just Slayer". On Slayer's upcoming 12th studio album: Araya: "We are working on a new album, aiming for a 2013 release. We are experimenting with a lot of sounds. What we can tell you is that the new album will be very Slayer".
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