Tool Frontman Not Sure What To Expect From Side Project Shows

artist: Tool date: 12/09/2008 category: general music news
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Tool Frontman Not Sure What To Expect From Side Project Shows
Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan recently set February 13 and February 14 as the dates for the live debut of his side act Puscifer in Las Vegas. While Keenan told The Pulse of Radio that fans shouldn't expect to see the kind of elaborate and precise stage production they experience at a Tool gig, he also said he's not exactly sure what will happen at the shows. "There's an element of improv and jazz, you know, improv being more the comedic element and the jazz being the more musical element to this," he said. "There's not a perfectly planned out production that's been a well-oiled, well-honed machine that's been established and doing its thing constantly every night and you're constantly refining it. This is more about capturing the energy in the moment." Puscifer will make its debut at the 2,500-seat Pearl concert theatre at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas and will reportedly feature a loose collection of musicians, comedians and other artists in a cabaret-type performance. Puscifer's debut album, "V Is For Vagina", came out in the fall of 2007, followed this year by a remix collection titled "V Is For Viagra". Tool has been on vacation since early 2008, although Keenan said that he expects the band to begin writing a new album sometime next year. Thanks for the info to
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