UG Readers React To Green Day 'Tre!'

artist: green day date: 12/06/2012 category: general music news
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UG Readers React To Green Day 'Tre!'
UG readers have posted mixed reactions to the latest album in Green Day's new album trilogy, "Tre!". It received an overall rating of only 6/10 in our official review. Several readers were put off by the video for "The Forgotten" because it featured footage from the "Twilight" films. "Not that I'm anti-Twilight, but c'mon... Green Day and Twilight? Nah," said sharathkumar13. Some said it wasn't a bad album, but remains the weakest effort in the trilogy. "Tre was probably my least favourite, but to be honest they did make a point that it wouldn't be as upbeat as the other two," said helltothee. "Some songs on here are good... but I probably won't listen to this over and over." Perhaps JorickF put it best: "These albums aren't made to impress critics or to attract new fans. They're made for the people who like Green Day already, giving them a lot of [new] material. Listen to what you like, ignore the rest." Green Day recently posted the entire "Tre!" album for streaming. Meanwhile, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has put his $1.9 million beach property up for sale as he deals with addiction in rehab. See the video for the Green Day song "The Forgotten" here: What did you think of the closing chapter of their "Uno! Dos! Tre!" album trilogy? Let us know in the comments.
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