Ultimate Guitar's Giants Of Rock: Led Zeppelin

artist: Led Zeppelin date: 12/08/2010 category: general music news
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Ultimate Guitar's Giants Of Rock: Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin is widely considered one of the most influential bands in rock-guitar history, and now Guitar World and Ultimate-Guitar.com have joined forces to bring fans an extraordinary box set of Zeppelin tabs, magazines and collectibles. With more than three hours of video lessons, 10 song transcriptions and hours of reading material, this box set is the ultimate gift for Led Zeppelin fans and guitar players alike! Guitar World Presents Ultimate Guitar's Giants of Rock: Led Zeppelin is available now in the Guitar World Online Store for $49.95reserve your box set today! This Box Set Includes:
  • Guitar World November 2010 issue featuring Led Zeppelin in 3D, glasses included
  • How to Play the Best of Led Zeppelin DVD from Guitar World, songs include Rock and Roll, The Song Remains the Same, Stairway to Heaven and Since I've Been Loving You
  • Guitar World presents Ultimate Guitar's Giants of Rock: Led Zeppelin Tab Book, tabs include Black Mountain Side, The Crunge, Celebration Day, Whole Lotta Love, Good Times Bad Times and Misty Mountain Hop
  • Guitar World presents Ultimate Guitar's Giants of Rock: Led Zeppelin The Complete Story booklet, available only in this box set.
  • Dunlop custom Led Zeppelin pick pack
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