Unreleased 1969 Led Zeppelin Song 'La La' Available for Streaming

artist: led zeppelin date: 05/30/2014 category: general music news
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Unreleased 1969 Led Zeppelin Song 'La La' Available for Streaming
A previously unreleased Led Zeppelin track "La La" has recently surfaced online and is available for streaming below.

Recorded in April 1969, the song features several classic marks of late-'60s Zeppelin, along with some prominent organ and slide guitar, giving the tune a genuine bluesy vibe.

The song will be released on "Led Zeppelin II" reissue on June 3 as a part of super deluxe pack featuring the band's first three albums.

In recent Led Zep news, the band has unveiled a new video for "Whole Lotta Love" classic track, is facing a plagiarism lawsuit over "Stairway to Heaven" and will hardly reunite, mostly due to Robert Plant's attitude.

"The problem with Robert Plant is that one minute he's doing it, the next he's not, and I am quite honestly fed up with all of that," Jimmy Page recently told Telegraph. "So I don't think about what music we could be making. Who's we? F--k we! It's time for me to be out there playing again. I've got music, various different sorts of constructions and colors."

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