Waters Admits He Was Wrong To Fall Out With Floyd

artist: roger waters date: 01/19/2012 category: general music news
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Waters Admits He Was Wrong To Fall Out With Floyd
Roger Waters accepts it was wrong of him to fall out with his Pink Floyd bandmates after he left the prog rock icons. He and David Gilmour spent many years at loggerheads through lawyers after Waters decided to depart in 1985. Waters claimed the group had "dissolved" and rought to stop the remaining members from continuing under the Floyd name. But relations have thawed since then, and, last year, surviving members Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason appeared during one of Waters' live performances of classic album "The Wall". Now the solo artist, who says he'll retire at the end of his current world tour, admits the years of anger weren't worth it. Asked by radio host Howard Stern if Floyd were wrong to keep playing his songs after he'd left, Waters says: "No, I don't think so. I think I was wrong to think they were wrong." The band had begun to drift apart many years before the final split, he reflects. "We were a cracking team when we were younger. From 1968 to 'Dark Side Of The Moon' we were a pretty tightly-knit group." But things started to change when Floyd's acclaimed 1973 album brought financial rewards. "'Dark Side of the Moon' was the first time we made any cash," says Waters. "We were reasonably generous with one another at that time. "I think once you've achieved that measure of success, you've really done what it was you set out to do together. From then on it was really about clinging to the trademark in a kind of frightened way, not wanting to lose the umbrella with the words 'Pink' and 'Floyd' together." Thanks for the RockNewsDesk.com.
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