Weird Al Yankovic Confronts the Illuminate in New Lorde Parody Video 'Foil'

artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic date: 07/17/2014 category: general music news
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Weird Al Yankovic Confronts the Illuminate in New Lorde Parody Video 'Foil'
Weird Al Yankovic's eight-video series has continued with its third part, an equally funny and awesome Lorde parody titled "Foil."

Starting off at a restaurant with unfinished food, the clip escalates quickly, as Al is sooon confronting Illuminate and space aliens theories. It doesn't end too well for poor old Mr. Yankovic, but the epic factor is still very much present.

As reported, the comedian has previously unveiled Pharrell parody "Tacky" and Robin Thicke spoof "Word Crimes," with the latter video receiving possibly the most positive reactions so far. The latest clip was premiered exclusively over on College Humor.

In related news, Al is streaming his new album "Mandatory Fun" in full. The record marks the end of the musician's 32-year record contract and possibly the final full-length for some time, as Yankovic has announced plans to give extra focus to individual singles rather than entire albums.

Anyhow, the fresh video and the whole new album await below, check 'em out, now!

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