You Me At Six Reveal 'Men Cry At Our Gigs'

artist: you me at six date: 04/10/2012 category: general music news
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You Me At Six Reveal 'Men Cry At Our Gigs'
UK rockers You Me At Six have revealed that men are as likely to be moved to tears by their live shows as their female fans. Speaking live on Radio One with DJ Sara Cox, the band revealed how emotional their audiences were, after a fan texted the studio to say she had been moved to tears by the band's live performance on the show. "We get more guys than girls at gigs. They cry more than the girls," said the band, adding that semi-nudity was encouraged at You Me At Six shows. "We asked all the guys to take their shirts off at our recent gig - like they would at a Drake show." You Me At Six also revealed that their fans were known for their "x-rated" antics, saying on the show: "It's a bit x-rated, we can't say on Radio One." When asked if there were any radio-friendly antics they could reveal, the band said: "At easter, in Ireland we were given an abundance of eggs." The band performed a cover of Jessie J's current hit, "Domino" on the show. Thanks for the report to
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