Zakk Wylde Guitar Giveaway

artist: Zakk Wylde date: 05/24/2005 category: general music news
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Gibson guitars, in conjunction with 357 Choppers, has just jumped on board the 357 Choppers/Epiphone Sawblade guitar giveaway with an incredible piece of Zakk Wylde lore, reports The Gibson Custom Shop will be creating a special one-off Zakk Wylde Sawblade Les Paul Custom, perfectly identical to Zakk's guitar used on tour and on the new record "Mafia". This guitar will be one of two made in the world, with the other belonging to Zakk. Zakk Wylde will autograph this guitar and the chopper. This guitar and its signature now puts the 357 Choppers/Gibson/Epiphone Zakk Wylde Sawblade Chopper giveaway value at an astonishing $100,000. For more information visit, or
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