Zakk Wylde Issues Health Update

artist: zakk wylde date: 08/27/2009 category: general music news
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Zakk Wylde Issues Health Update
Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde, who was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs and was admitted to a Eugene, Oregon hospital August 25th, has issued the following update via his Twitter page: "To all our Black Label family worldwide, thanks for all the 'get-wells. Every 48 hours [I have to get myself to] the [hospital] ER [emergency room] to check my blood. Had a CT scan [a painless, sophisticated x-ray procedure which obtains images of parts of the body that cannot be seen on a standard x-ray Ed.] today and have blood clots in each of my lungs as well as my leg. [I] can't sing because pushing can cause an embolism." An embolism occurs when an object migrates from one part of the body (through circulation) and causes a blockage (occlusion) of a blood vessel in another part of the body. Black Label Society has dropped off the remaining dates on the "Pedal To The Metal Tour" due to Zakk's condition. The "Pedal To The Metal Tour" will continue without Black Label Society, and the rest of the bands Mudvayne, Static-X, Suicide Silence and Bury Your Dead will carry on with the trek as scheduled. Further updates on Zakk's medical condition will become available as they are known. Thanks for the report to
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