Agile Partners Release New Version of AmpKit

gear manufacturer: Agile Partners date: 12/28/2013 category: industry news
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Agile Partners Release New Version of AmpKit
AmpKit, the premier guitar amps, effects and recording studio for iPhone and iPad, now comes with setlist functionality and support for MIDI controllers. Compatible MIDI and Bluetooth controllers further augment live performances and allow to operate over 350 different AmpKit functions, including all amp and pedal controls. MIDI controller support is tightly integrated with the new Setlist feature, enabling hands-free Setlist navigation. AmpKit's expansive, multi-level approach to external control mapping provides the most powerful live performance capabilities on the iOS platform. "AmpKit wasn't first-to-market with external controller support, but we're confident that our implementation is the most elegant, useful, and powerful available to iPhone and iPad users today," said Agile's Jack Ivers. "Likewise, we're quite proud of the Setlist implementation, which we expect will be used for everything from live gigging to setup organization." The new control mapping capabilities work on three levels. Global controls allow for a button or input to perform the same function in all areas of AmpKit. Setlist controls provide the means for a guitarists to assign an input to perform a different function depending on which Setlist is active. Setup level controls are the most granular, and allow each button of an external controller to have a unique function in each setup. The resulting capabilities provide the maximum flexibility for the real-world needs of guitarists. For example, a single button on a MIDI device can toggle the power on an overdrive pedal in one Setup, switch the Amp channel in the next Setup, and control the D-Delay effect pedal in a third. An expression pedal can be mapped to control the Wah position in one Setlist, and the Amp volume in a second Setlist. Given this multi-level approach, the permutations for controls are infinite. The latest additions to AmpKit have the performing guitarist squarely in mind. The MIDI and Bluetooth updates are accompanied by the powerful new Setlist feature. Guitarists can create a custom collection of amp and effects Setups that stand apart from the artist's primary list. The Setlists can be customized to provide effortless changes from one Setup to the next – perfect for changing guitar tone for a solo, or switching to a fully different Setup for the next song. Discerning guitarists have kept close to AmpKit for years. The app's studio quality sound, expansive gear selection, and tireless attention to detail have earned accolades from guitarists like Alex Skolnick, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Malina Moye and more. The latest additions are in keeping with AmpKit's tradition of providing high-quality applications for professional musicians. Best of all: these new features are free. Recording capabilities, Setlists, and External Controls are all part of the powerful core feature set of AmpKit, and all AmpKit users will receive these functions automatically as soon as the latest version is downloaded. AmpKit's Holiday Special, "Turn it up to 12" is featuring AmpKit gear at discounted prices through the New Year. With a new discount each day, it's the perfect time to fill in your AmpKit studio with the exact gear you need to create your perfect tones. Visit Agile Partners official website for more information. Get involved in the AmpKit's community at Facebook.
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