Bruce Weber And Tom Bedell Team Up To Inspire The Acoustic And Bluegrass Markets

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Bruce Weber And Tom Bedell Team Up To Inspire The Acoustic And Bluegrass Markets
Two Old Hippies, LLC, American builder and designer of Breedlove and Bedell Guitars announce the addition of Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments to the Two Old Hippies team. Bruce Weber and Bruce Weber Jr. are official Co-Hippies and will continue to design, build and promote exquisite Weber instruments. In addition to its recent launch of the only new acoustic instrument workshop in the U.S. in over a decade, the Weber acquisition reinforces Two Old Hippies' commitment to acoustic-minded musicians. Two Old Hippies' mission is to deliver instruments that excite, inspire and cultivate all players while creating the best environment for the best craftspeople to work. Bruce Weber began handcrafting instruments at the Flatiron Mandolin & Banjo Company, becoming the lead luthier after Flatiron joined Gibson in 1987 in Bozeman, Montana. Ten years later he established his own workshop and Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments was born. Handmade in Logan, Montana, Weber mandolins, mandolas, octave mandolins, mandocellos, arch-top guitars and resonator guitars have earned a reputation as the finest such custom acoustic instruments made. When Bruce Weber and Two Old Hippies owner, Tom Bedell met last summer it was clear they were kindred spirits in their passion for building extraordinary instruments. They also shared a philosophy in how they respected and cared for their teams. Bruce Weber will oversee instrument development and quality, as well as guiding the build processes, ultimately continuing as the patriarch of all Weber instruments. In addition, this move will allow Mr. Weber to return to his first love: hand-building exquisite Weber instruments from his shop in Montana. In March 2013 Weber craftspeople will be relocating from Logan, Montana to Bend, Oregon to build Weber instruments under the guidance of Mr. Weber. "My dream of creating a team to build extraordinary acoustic instruments is coming true," comment Bedell. "I get to work side-by-side with Kim Breedlove, Bruce Weber and a whole team of experienced and dedicated craftspeople that love building extraordinary custom instruments." Weber added, "Our ability to create amazing and unique instruments will expand incredibly with the capabilities of Tom's new facility and the resources now available to us. I'm honored to be included in Tom's dream and admire his dedication in assembling a great team in a great location to build awesome acoustic instruments." Weber production will continue in Logan, Montana for the remainder of 2012 and transition to Bend, Oregon over the first quarter of 2013. Dealers will continue to be served by Cameron Haag, who will be relocating to Bend on December 1, 2012. Two Old Hippies is the culmination of the vision of Molly and Tom Bedell. As well as being the parent company to Breedlove and Bedell guitars, Two Old Hippies offers a line of clothing and accessories, and operates stores in Aspen, Colorado and Nashville, Tennessee.
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