Traveler Guitar Launches Accessories Line With The MI-10 Mobile Interface

artist: Traveler Guitar date: 10/11/2012 category: industry news
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Traveler Guitar Launches Accessories Line With The MI-10 Mobile Interface
Traveler Guitar makes a bold leap into the Mobile Guitar Accessory market with the MI-10 Mobile Interface. Known for making innovative, full-scale travel guitars, Traveler Guitar is now expanding their line of portable guitar solutions beyond the instrument itself. Designed to work with any electric or acoustic-electric guitar, the MI-10 allows players to transform their mobile device (iPhone, iPad, even some Android applications) into a virtual, musical Swiss Army knife. The MI-10 allows users to turn their smartphone or tablet into a metronome, tuner, virtual stomp box or even a mobile recording studio. Compatible with dozens of pre-existing free and paid apps, the MI-10 distinguishes itself from its peers with competitive pricing and a 1/4" standard output jack which players can use to connect directly to an amplifier, mixing board or other device. This pocket-sized instrument interface allows players to plug their guitar or bass directly into a smartphone or tablet and from there, the possibilities are endless. In business since 1992, Redlands, California-based Traveler Guitar has been the innovator in the design and marketing of electric and acoustic-electric travel guitars. The MI-10 Mobile Interface completes the package for the musician that likes to Get Around. For more information on Traveler Guitar, please visit
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