Glenn Danzig Explains Notorious 2004 Punch-Out

artist: Glenn Danzig date: 08/28/2007 category: interviews
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He says he didn't punch the guy because he didn't want to be hit with a lawsuit... In the most recent issue of Spin, Danzig was asked about the notorious one-punch knock-out that has been making its way around the Internet since, reports He said: "No one asks, 'Why did you push him instead of nailing him right in the face?' 'Cause there's a camera rolling! I have so many friends who've lost tons of money from that setup, punching people and getting sued. One of my guys a long time ago worked for Guns N' Roses and he told me, 'You're lucky you've never been sued.' He said Duff McKagan would go into these clubs, and a guy would have a friend there with a camera: 'Hey, Guns N' Roses pussy!' [Strikes fist against palm, mimicking a punch] And they'd walk out. Next day, million-dollar lawsuit." I kind of fail to see how any of this applies to what happened in 2004, but okay. The whole issue stemmed from a band, the Northside Kings, got bumped off a Danzig show. And Danzig kind of started it -- at least in terms of escalating it to a physical confrontation -- as seen in this video. Note: If you're the sort offended by "bad words" or at the sort of job where people are offended by "bad words," I strongly suggest not watching it / watching it at home. As for Glenn's temper, he says he's much calmer these days. He said, "Now I just try to be nice. I'm usually not mean to people unless they're assholes to me. I try to avoid them." Watch the video here.
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