Aerosmith Reveal Another New Song From Upcoming Album - Listen

artist: aerosmith date: 10/24/2012 category: online downloads
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Aerosmith Reveal Another New Song From Upcoming Album - Listen
Bassist Tom Hamilton makes his lyric-writing debut on a new song from Aerosmith's upcoming "Music From Another Dimension" album. The song is available for streaming right here. While he's offered sporadic song ideas for past albums, his lyrics never made a finished project. Hamilton said some course work at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. changed that. "It was a whole new experience for me," Hamilton tells Rolling Stone after sharing that he'd had the chord progression for quite awhile. "The song is about lost love, but I've been married since I was 25 years old. My wife goes, 'What the hell do you know about that?' I was just evoking a feeling I had when I was a kid listening to the Beatles and the Stones - I always loved their lonely sounding songs." Tyler says: "He's got a great ear, he hasn't strutted that for a while because we just haven't got around to it. We did this time and I was blown off my fin' perch." "I don't know how you can put being not in love in such eloquent terms - we can argue about that later," Tyler adds. "Tell Me" begins with just an acoustic guitar and Tyler's subdued vocals before quickly soaring into the mode of a classic Aerosmith power-ballad. Thick backing vocals build a roof for the song, but as it reaches a climax the arrangement blows open the emotional heartbreak story. Joe Perry adds a melodic guitar solo before the final chorus.
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