Baroness: 'Take My Bones Away' Video Released

artist: Baroness date: 07/25/2012 category: online downloads
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Baroness: 'Take My Bones Away' Video Released
According to, "Take My Bones Away", the new video from the Savannah, Georgia-based quartet Baroness, can be seen below. The six-minute, multi-angle clip captures the precise and dynamic nature of the East Coast-based band's live performances. Director Jimmy Hubbard shot the footage during Baroness's spring tour with Meshuggah. "Take My Bones Away" comes off Baroness's new album, "Yellow & Green", which was released on July 17 via Relapse Records. The CD reunites Baroness with "Blue Record" producer John Congleton (Explosions In The Sky, St. Vincent, Xiu Xiu) following both the band's busiest period (multiple worldwide tours including stops at Coachella, Bonnaroo and Soundwave) and most luxurious year, having taken nearly all of 2011 off to freely write and demo for the 2CD/LP album. Baroness' two prior releases ("Red Album" and "Blue Record") were awarded record-of-the-year honors from both Revolver and Decibel magazines and placed on year-end best-of lists from Pitchfork and Village Voice. "We had been on tour for eight years, and we decided to take a break from our adventure to dig our heels in at home and write a new record," explains John Baizley, frontman for the band and the artist responsible for Baroness' now-iconic album art. "We spent the entirety of the past year dedicating ourselves to the new album. Without the break from touring and the time we took to rest and reflect, we would have been entirely unable to write this new record. We have become re-inspired." Baroness is John Baizley (guitars, vocals), Pete Adams (guitar, vocals), Allen Blickle (drums) and Matt Maggioni (bass).
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