Chi Cheng's Son Joins Deftones On Stage

artist: Deftones date: 10/12/2012 category: online downloads
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Chi Cheng's Son Joins Deftones On Stage
According to Blabbermouth, Gabe Cheng, the son of ailing Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, joined the band on stage at The Warfield in San Francisco, California to perform the song "Root". Fan-filmed video footage of his appearance can be seen below. Chi Cheng has been in a semi-comatose state since being injured in a November 2008 car accident. Much of Cheng's treatment at a special facility in New Jersey has been funded by fans and friends, with Deftones holding several benefit concerts and donating money from the band's tours. Singer Chino Moreno said that the group's fans have continued to help as well. "Whatever people can do, it's all appreciated, and it's all just in the hopes that there will be one day where he can talk back and have a conversation and see his kids and, you know, continue on living, you know," he said. "That's what we pray and hope for, you know what I mean, that's all we can do." Sergio Vega continues to play bass for the band. Vega stepped in for touring purposes after Cheng's accident, and stayed on to record 2010's "Diamond Eyes" with the group. Sergio also appears on Deftones' new album, "Koi No Yokan", which comes out on November 13.
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