Damon Albarn Unveils New Solo 'Dr Dee' Track

artist: Damon Albarn date: 03/20/2012 category: online downloads
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Damon Albarn Unveils New Solo 'Dr Dee' Track
While former Streets frontman Mike Skinner may have revealed how he thinks Damon Albarn should give up his music career, the Blur frontman shows no signs of stopping. With a new solo track from his Dr Dee project unveiled on YouTube. The new "Apple Carts" video, which sees Damon recording with an orchestra, is taken from his forthcoming solo album, celebrating the life of John Dee - advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. The album has been described by Albarn as "strange pastoral folk". Dr Dee combines Albarn's voice with early English choral and instrumentation alongside modern, West African and Renaissance sounds. Watch the track "Apple Carts", plus interview footage, below. Damon will perform tracks from Dr Dee at this year's Onefest, on Saturday 14 April, 2012.
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