Damon Albarn's Congo Supergroup Debut

artist: Damon Albarn date: 07/29/2011 category: online downloads
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Damon Albarn's Congo Supergroup Debut
As reported last week, Damon Albarn led a pack of producers and musicians to the Democratic Republic of Congo to record a charity album within seven days on behalf of Oxfam. Now the production supergroup have returned from their trip and posted a one-minute sample of their efforts, which you can hear below. Under the coalition banner DRC Music, Albarn was joined by T-E-E-D (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs), producers Dan The Automator and Jneiro Jarel, XL Records owner Richard Russell, Actress, Marc Antoine, Jo Gunton and Kwes. "Heading back home on a train, heart feeling really heavy, but free & happy. What an experience", said Kwes upon their return. The week was rife with beats and laptops, judging by the DRC Music blog which documented their journey. "The air is heavy, the beats heavier", said Actress. "I've seen things with my eyes you people wouldn't believe... Need a drink, it's so hot here I can't tell whether I'm crying or sweating." Dan The Automator adds that the group had to pay a bribe at the airport after difficulty getting home. But they've made it back, and the record is expected this year.
Hallo (clip - featuring Tout Puissant Mukalo) by DRC Music
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