Dave Grohl Completes Sound City Shooting

artist: Dave Grohl date: 07/24/2012 category: online downloads
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Dave Grohl Completes Sound City Shooting
Dave Grohl has wrapped up filming for his forthcoming documentary about the legendary Sound City studio, home to countless classic recordings from artists including Nirvana, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers. "Guess what happened yesterday? Last day of shooting. It's all in the can," said a statement on the "Sound City Movie" Facebook page this morning. "High fives to YOU GUYS for coming along with us on this ride while we we make it. You're rad." The studio closed doors in May 2011, but Dave Grohl was inspired to purchase the Neve mixing desk which sat at the heart of these recordings for his home studio. Grohl recently posted a new trailer for the movie where producers including Butch Vig and Trent Reznor discuss why Neve desks are so revered in the recording world, and how it contributed to the Sound City recording style. A release date for the movie is yet to be confirmed.
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