Disturbed Unveils 'Hell' From 'The Lost Children'

artist: disturbed date: 09/29/2011 category: online downloads
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Disturbed Unveils 'Hell' From 'The Lost Children'
Disturbed has released the first single from the forthcoming B-Side album "The Lost Children" and we have your exclusive first listen here. Disturbed have decided to take a break fromwell, being Disturbed. While the band figures out whether or not they will have a future, we will receive new music in the form of their upcoming B-side album "The Lost Children". You may have already heard some of the tracks included such as their West Memphis Three song "3", and covers of the Judas Priest track "Living After Midnight" and Faith No More's "Midlife Crisis", really the only previously unavailable track is "Mine". Whether they are on YouTube or were released as bonus tracks, the hardcore Disturbed fans probably have most of these tunes already. "The Lost Children" is set for release on November 8th, and as you've probably already assumed there will be no supporting tour. The first single from the record also serves as the lead off track "Hell". The song was originally a B-Side to the single "Stricken" from the album "Ten Thousand Fists", even though it's melodic tendencies call to mind the band's second (and previous) album "Believe". "The Lost Children" tracklist: 01. Hell 02. A Welcome Burden 03. This Moment 04. Old Friend 05. Monster 06. Run 07. Leave It Alone 08. Two Worlds 09. God of The Mind 10. Sickened 11. Mine 12. Parasite 13. Dehumanized 14. 3 15. Midlife Crisis (Faith No More cover) 16. Living After Midnight (Judas Priest cover) Disturbed: Hell by disturbedlostchildren Thanks for the report to Banana1015.com.
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