Dream Theater: 'This Is The Life' Preview

artist: Dream Theater date: 08/23/2011 category: online downloads
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Dream Theater: 'This Is The Life' Preview
We hope some marketing students are paying attention to the work of Dream Theater and their team in the past month... there's lots to learn. The prog rockers have regularly been releasing short previews of songs from their upcoming album, "A Dramatic Turn Of Events", due September 13. In terms of promotion and marketing, it's a good way to get repeat mentions on rock news websites (ahem) while simultaneously keeping the band's name in the spotlight while building anticipation amongst fans for their new product. Last month, DT released "On The Backs Of Angels", the first single from the disc, and have since shared previews of three additional tracks (check out prevous DT news). Now, a fourth song preview has surfaced: "This Is The Life". Post-release promotion includes a North American tour, which Dream Theater kick off September 24 in San Francisco.
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