Former Panic At The Disco Members Unveil New Band

artist: Panic! At the Disco date: 07/29/2009 category: online downloads
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Former Panic At The Disco Members Unveil New Band
Former Panic At The Disco guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker have revealed that the name of their new band is The Young Veins and posted a brand new track online. Ross and Walker announced their split with the other two members of Panic At The Disco earlier this month and promptly headed to the studio with producer Rob Mathes, who worked with Panic on their most recent album "Pretty. Odd.". Former Phantom Planet frontman-turned-producer Alex Greenwald also worked with the pair on the track "Change" that is currently streaming on the band's Myspace page. Listen to the track here: Greenwald contributed guitar and co-produced the song. He is currently working with Mark Ronson in New York on the follow-up to "Version". Thanks for the report to
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