Hear Ke$ha, Chris Martin With Flaming Lips

artist: flaming lips date: 04/24/2012 category: online downloads
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Hear Ke$ha, Chris Martin With Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips' efforts in the studio with Ke$ha and Chris Martin have appeared online, after being exclusively released on vinyl for Record Store Day. The 12" record, "The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends", also included collaborations with the likes of Bon Iver, Nick Cave and Lightning Bolt. The Ke$ha track is a million miles away from her chart hits like "Tik Tok", but the ring-modulated weirdness is certainly a refreshing angle for her. The Chris Martin track is a distant, reverberant piano piece with a certain charm, if you need a break from rocking out. Flaming Lips mastermind Wayne Coyne collected blood from some of his collaborators in order to mix it with the plastic for a special collectors edition of this release. In the Ke$ha track, you can see pictures of Coyne holding up a vial of blood, which he later stored in his home fridge. "You don't really realize how many people are afraid of needles until you say, 'Hey, I'm going to send someone by the show tonight to get some of your blood,'" he said. Hear the Ke$ha track:
Hear the Chris Martin track:
Is it too soon to welcome Ke$ha into the rock world? What would she have to do to impress dedicated rock fans? Share your ideas, whether serious or not, in the comments.
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