Jack White: 'Freedom At 21' Finds Its Way Online

artist: Jack White date: 04/16/2012 category: online downloads
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Jack White: 'Freedom At 21' Finds Its Way Online
The new single from former White Stripes front man Jack White has found its way onto the internet. It's called "Freedom At 21", and, if AntiQuiet are to be believed, it's the best song on his upcoming album "Blunderbuss". Here's what they had so say about the track, having heard a pre-release of the album: "Nothing prepares us for the sinister creep and tumbling percussion cauldron of 'Freedom At 21'. Suddenly our ideas of a 'Jack White record' seem quaint in light of this monstrous personality, this damnation of modernity that embraces the man-eaters of the era vulgaris, enabled by culture and corrupted by mean-spirited self-absorbtion. Hey, we've all been there, right? "Cut off the bottoms of my feet, make me walk on salt," he skitters in a demonic falsetto as Autolux's Carla Azar Jack's new ain't-no-secret weapon frames a downright freakish beat swarm. "Take me down to the police and charge me with assault / Smile on her face / She does what she damn well please..." Suddenly, Jack's entirely on your right, seething in your ear while the deceptively simple menace-riff propels you forward into the beat, moves your entire body, grabs your hips... and then the double vocal kicks in and drives straight into the solo, deeper than you've gone before. You may feel a bit violated. Headphones will come in handy for the alien mecha-hornet deathmatch dual solo." Yeah, so needless to say, it's pretty good... The full album is scheduled for release on April 21st via White's own label, Third Man Records. Freedom at 21 was originally released via somewhat unorthodox means. White attached flexi disc vinyl copies of the album to helium balloons and released them into the atmosphere. Copies of the record, when finally reaching terra-firma, have been going for as much as $2, 500 on eBay.
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