Korn Frontman's J Devil At Mansfield's Identity Festival: Video Available

artist: korn date: 08/01/2012 category: online downloads
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Korn Frontman's J Devil At Mansfield's Identity Festival: Video Available
According to Blabbermouth, fan-filmed footage of J Devil, the nefarious DJ alter ego of Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, performing on July 26 at the Identity Festival in Mansfield, Massachusetts can be seen below. J Devil is currently playing own headlining dates as well as taking part in five stops with the touring Identity Festival. J Devil will also be the support act for the Marilyn Manson-Rob Zombie "Twins Of Evil" tour beginning September 29. "I started doing (electronic music) for fun. I didn't now what was gonna happen with it," Davis told Billboard.Com in a recent interview. "Making electronic music and learning to produce and learning my new instrument - laptop, I call it - has been an amazing thing. I'm learning and I'm having fun playing my own tunes. I've really had to re-train myself. It's totally different than writing rock songs." He added, "There's always haters and people going, 'What the f--k is he doing?!' But there have been people who have taken me on and helped me. A lot of the big DJs have helped me, and most of the people have been pretty open and digging it. I just did a gig during the Grammys or something and Skrillex showed up to watch my set, and I've gone on tour with my friend Sluggo and had Datsik and Downlink have me show up at their shows and play with them onstage. It's just fun; I love that scene, I love the kids, I love everything about it, and I'm so happy to be part of it." The debut J Devil EP will be released later this year on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label.
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