Lars Ulrich, Trent Reznor And Others Recall Their First Musical Memories

artist: Dave Grohl date: 09/12/2012 category: online downloads
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Lars Ulrich, Trent Reznor And Others Recall Their First Musical Memories
As part of the promo for Dave Grohl's forthcoming documentary about "Sound City", the legendary recording studio which closed its doors in May 2011, major artists have revealed their first musical memory in a series of clips which you can see below. Artists and producers including Lars Ulrich, Trent Reznor, Vinny Appice and Rick Rubin were among the Sound City graduates who feature in the film, slated for release early in 2013. Lars Ulrich begins: "About 1973, when I was 9 years old, there was a tennis tournament in Copenhagen. Deep Purple were playing a concert there - the main thing I remember was Richie Blackwood throwing his guitar, like 30-feet up in the air and playing it with his a-s and his feet and all that," he said. "It was pretty cool. I'd never seen or heard anything like that." Trent Reznor recalls listening to Jimi Hendrix with his dad, and Rick Rubin who is currently producing Black Sabbath's first album for decades talks about the early days of hip-hop, a scene he started in where he co-founded the label Def Jam. It's an insightful series, so check them out and share your own musical memories in the comments.
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