Lost 90s Radiohead Track Surfaces

artist: Radiohead date: 12/23/2011 category: online downloads
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Lost 90s Radiohead Track Surfaces
A lost Radiohead track recorded in the early 1990s has appeared online. Scroll down to hear it in the player. It is believed to be recorded during their early "Pablo Honey/Bends" era, though could prove to be an elaborate hoax from the band. Regardless, it serves as a reminder of their roots in traditional rock songwriting. Their composition style became more experimental later in the 90s during the production of "OK Computer", though their early work was considered to be relatively progressive for mainstream rock acts at the time. The title of the track is unconfirmed, but fansite At Ease pegs it with the titles "How Do You Sit Still" and "Putting Ketchup In The Fridge". There have been an unusual number of unreleased song streams from the band recently. This month they released two newer songs, recorded during a live performance of tracks from "The King Of Limbs". Similarly, two unreleased demos called "Everybody Knows" and "Girl In The Purple Dress" were posted online. They were recorded when the band was still called On A Friday and did not include guitarist Jonny Greenwood. Listen to the song here, if only for the crisp drum sound in the opening bars:
What do UG readers think? Does it remind you of a better time, or do you prefer the experimental nature of Radiohead seen on newer albums? Let us know in the comments.
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