Nelly Furtado Covers Rush

artist: nelly furtado date: 10/29/2010 category: online downloads
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Nelly Furtado, a Canadian pop singer famous for hits like I'm Like A Bird and Maneater, recently contributed to a newly released movie by playing a small role in the film and providing a song for its soundtrack. However, instead of recording new music or playing one of the pieces she's known for, the movie features her version of a famous Rush song. The song Nelly decided to cover is none other than Time Stand Still, a Rush song originally released in 1987 as a part of the studio album Hold Your Fire. The song certainly isn't as heavy as some of Rush's other material, but at the same time it can't really be classified as pop. The piece was covered to be used in the Canadian comedy-drama Score: A Hockey Musical (ok guys, I know.. it really doesn't help with the stereotypes..), a play featuring a couple other famous musician/actors like Olivia Newton-John and Marc Jordan. So check out Nelly's cover and Rush's original recording of the classic 80's hit at the bottom of the article and tell us what you think. Where does the pop artist's version stand in comparison to the original? Do you prefer the original instrumentation with Rush's virtuosity and Geddy Lee's vocals, or do you find Nelly's voice with what seems to be a midi track to be more appealing?
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